TAPONDO International Federation Inc.
  TAPONDO Brief Explanation

was developed by Master MONCHING J. GAVILEÑO as the most effective art of self-defense. It teaches easy-to-learn combative techniques which practitioners of the art can employ to neutralize their opponent.

TAPONDO was primarily designed to cope with any form of assault in the streets. It was developed from different cultures of different regions in the country so that it can be adopted easily. It was developed using the scientific in the application of self-defense techniques in such a manner that a person learns to move with extra alertness in actual street fighting.

With the use of locking techniques, the TAPONDO expert can pin opponent down on the ground. He can even break the limbs of his opponent with the same techniques. However, this is seldom done because a TAPONDO practitioner is disciplined not to cause unnecessary harm on his opponent. He is rather taught how to simply disarm, control or stop the aggressive attack of his opponent.

The TAPONDO expert can also throw his opponent by redirecting the force of his opponent’s attack away from him. An attacker who is not knowledgeable of the basics of falling could suffer grave injury once thrown. Since few people can get up after being thrown down on the ground, all a TAPONDO expert has to do is to throw his opponent once.

The TAPONDO practitioner relies not on techniques alone. He is taught how to harness and develop the inner power so that in actual conflict all his energies are focused into once concentrated force. It is the combination of the inner power and its effective scientific techniques that makes TAPONDO a truly powerful art of self defense.

is not only a powerful art of self-defense but also a graceful one. This maybe the reason why so many people of all ages from all walks of life are interested in studying it.

The TAPONDO is not only an exclusive martial art for men. It can also be a good art of self defense for women since it requires no extreme effort on their part to make use of its techniques. The TAPONDO female practitioner does not go against the force of her opponent, where the very force of the opponent is what she uses to either throw or pin him down on the ground. This is precisely the reason why TAPONDO does not require much physical exertion in coping with any kind of assault usually directed against the members of their sex.

employs the subtle art of non-resistance. It is the only non-violent martial art in that it has no provocation technique that can start a fight with an enemy. It is also combative in the sense that it can be effectively used in coping wit all kinds of assault in actual application.

capitalizes on the opponent’s force for his downfall.

comes from two words, Tapon and Pondo. TAPON means to throw and PONDO means to pin down or to lock. This is because the techniques in TAPONDO is basically throwing and locking.

Aspect acquired from TAPONDO

TAPONDO develops the following:

1) discipline in mind and body.
2) gives you self-confidence and control of anxieties.
3) enhances your well-being and physical agility.
4) develops your emotional understanding, spiritual upliftment and
    mental abilities.
5) enables you to have physical control over emotion and feelings.

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