TAPONDO International Federation Inc.
  News & Annoucements
   *. The 'TAPONDO BLACK BELTERS BROTHERHOOD have a meeting every 1st Sunday of the Month at 6:00PM.,Venue at the Tapondo N.H.Q., Restaurants, or Hotels. For those Tapondo/Combat Aikido Black Belters who are not yet registered pls. contact us at 4130650. 
Master Monching Gavileño           TAPONDO
Col Raymundo Mangonon (Ret.)  A.F.P.
Archie Organo                                N.A.S.A.C.
Commissioner Julie Rendoque      N.L.R.C.
Ramon Carredo                              INSURANCE
Dr. Robert Ong                               NAPOLCOM
Atty Homobono Adaza II                D.I.L.G.
Doriente Durian                              N.B.I.
Col Fabian Verzosa III                   MALACAÑANG
Atty Peter Ong                                D.O.J.
Gen. Romeo Maganto (Ret.)         P.N.P.
Peter Dalaguit                               SANDIGANBAYAN
Amable Aguiluz IX                         BUSINESS MAN
Director Willy Macazo                  MOVIE
Jimmy Lumagbas                           ABS-CBN
Dave Veridiano                              G.M.A.
Ramon Tulfo                                   MEDIA
Samuel Capiral                               POLITICIAN
Dr. Romeo Cabrito                        EDUCATION
Rev. Msgr. Anthony A. Sy  M.O.  RELIGIOUS

1) To provide benefits for the welfare of the members.
2) To safeguard the ideals and good name of Tapondo and its Organization.
3) To reactivate inactive chapters and gyms and encourage the setting up of more gyms; teaching Tapondo, Bokaido, Arnis, MMA, and promote Sports Events.
4)To serve as a forum to iniciate plans for the improvement of the Organization.
5) To put up Tapondo Community Defense Groups in every Barangay.
1. Police and Legal Assistance.
2. Priority in Job Placement and Livelihood Opportunities.
3. Attendance to Conference / Meeting / Leisure Trips organized by Tapondo.
4. Brotherhood extended to Close Relatives.
5. Accreditation of Tapondo Chapters and their members From Concerned Government Agencies especially the AFP and PNP.
6. Accident Insurance Benefits to qualified members.
7. Patronage Commission up to 50% From the Business of TSIF including Subsciption to Tapondo Magazine.
8. Priority in Extra Appearance in FIVE (Filmmakers International Venture Inc.) Projects.
9. The Joy of Camaraderie and Brotherhood in the Organization.
10. Free Medical Advice.

To all Black Belters and Board of Advisers, we will have a special Meeting this coming March 21, 2010 at the National Headquarters in Cubao at 6PM. Bring uniform for picture taking for the magazine.
    *. To all P. E. Teachers who are interested
to attend Tapondo FREE Seminar, please call
Tel. No. 4130650 or visit our gym in Cubao.

    *. To all Instructors & students:
            You are not allowed to upload your Tapondo video
               in youtube.com with out the approval of Master
               Monching J. Gavileño starting this October 2008.
      *. To all Brown  and Black Belters of Tapondo, specially with no job, the Headquarters of Tapondo are conducting FREE Seminar and can be assigned in Schools, Companies, New Chapers or even Abroad.

           *. Mixed Martial Arts Councel Inc. (PROMMAC) is newly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Master
Monching J. Gavileño is appointed as President.
        *. To all Tapondo chapters and chief instructors please submite the name of your black belters, members, pictures and some write ups about the past and future plans and events because we are on the process of making Tapondo News Magazine, this will be published quarterly. Instructors and Members can subscribe now.



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