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Name:Marko Cruz
Time:08/13/2008 at 3:07pm (UTC)
Message:I am so blessed to be in with the TAPONDO Family after seing Master in one of his great moves 10years ago before I finally decided to start. He trained me personally together with my chief intructor Kuya Balot whom I condidered not only my instructor but brother in Art. My commitment to the Art is above high mountains and for as long I breath. I have currently teaching on one of our Ship and even them are overwhelm my TAPONDO...long LIVE the MASTER!!!

Name:mary jane s. gavileno
Time:08/09/2008 at 3:54pm (UTC)
Message:this site is very nice! i am very proud of my dad. TAPONDO is very popular and the name of the Master. other MARTIAL ARTS don't know what is the look of Master Monching Gavileno in personal but it's funny that they know his name.
to all students of Tapondo.... continous of practice makes perfection of movements and effectiveness of techniques. let us not criticize any other MARTIAL ARTS, let them criticize Tapondo so that Tapondo will be more popular! ha ha ha. who cares if they criticize Tapondo? God bless Master Monching J. Gavileno and have a long life for him to teach more students to learn the Filipino art of self-defense named TAPONDO. --- MARY JANE S. GAVILENO [QUIAPO CHAPTER]

Name:Detlef Schwarz
Time:08/07/2008 at 8:08pm (UTC)
Message:Hello to everyone!!!Nice website of yours, give my best regards to Master Monching!! Keep up the goodwork guys!! Hope to see you all soon!! Your Tapondo man in Germany, Detlef.

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